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Izumo Farm Co., Ltd.

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A creative group, responsible for nurturing life.

It is the job of a livestock business to send out animal protein to the world.
Security and assurance are the basic goals we must achieve as a livestock company.
"Food" and "life", "chicken" and "soul", "management" and "love for chicken" are propositions we sincerely embrace.
"Itadakimasu (the traditional Japanese expression of gratitude said before meals)" means that as we are taking life, the chain of energy from life to life is passed.
Diners are nurturing life by feeding life, and helping with the creation of new life.
As a company, we continue to challenge ourselves and evolve to make people happy with our delicious eggs.

Tetsuya Nakao

A healthy obsession with quality

A healthy obsession with quality

A healthy obsession with quality.

Our integrated production system runs from raising chicks to producing table eggs.

We make a family register (certificate of full registry records) for each individual egg.
When, where, and by which hen was this egg produced? (by identification of the egg laying date, hen house, batch)
Does that hen look healthy? (by a daily thorough patrol of hen houses)
Is the hen in a good mood? (we use the latest hen house system of comfortable environment management)
What does the hen eat and drink? (our original delicious feed and rice, with our clean underground water, piped from 100m below the ground)
Is the hen sick? (we employ an optimum vaccine program during the growing stage)
Is the hen producing many eggs with energy? (identified by an intensive analysis and feedback of production management indicators)
How was the hen when it was a chick? (the hen grew up happily in our growing farm by virtue of our original nurturing program)
Who were the parents of that hen? (They were raised by trustworthy chicken breeder - identification of chicken breeder batch is standard)

We apply a high quality traceability system to answer the above questions. We do our best to deliver high quality eggs to people by applying the PDCA cycle.

Determining the highest quality

Determining the highest quality

Determining the highest quality

In order to deliver the highest quality to the table, Izumo Farm conducts an integrated operation of the whole process within the company,
including rearing chicks, raising hens, collecting eggs, packing, and delivery. While in many cases this process involves multiple companies,
the fact that we run the whole process in-house enables us to deliver the highest quality eggs every day.

In the production and processing stages:

Countermeasures for salmonellain early stages
Countermeasures for salmonella (attenuated vaccine) mandatory for all chicks in the early stages

Vaccine program in growing stage

Vaccine program and periodic antibody test to protect healthy hens

Hygiene control process observance and periodic bacteria test
Thorough hygiene control system from production to sales
Periodic bacteria test for feed, facilities, products, and employees
Observance of standards of rearing hygiene management

Thorough control of entrance to the facilities, cleaning and sterilization
Restricted admission of controlled area, thorough hygiene control of admission to restricted area

Control, Inspection, Improvement, Education

Spread and promotion of hygiene control system by implementing farm HACCP and GPHACCP

Management of production and manufacture data

Confirmation and coaching of hygiene control by surprise inspections for each division

Daily egg quality inspection, periodic inspections for salmonella and an antibiotic-free analysis of nutrient composition

Health control of employees (bacteria carrying diagnosis, medical examination, hygiene information, travel restriction)

Trustworthy, gluten-free produce

Trustworthy, gluten-free produce

Trustworthy, gluten-free produce

“Gluten-free” means the food that does not contain gluten.
Gluten-free food was originally used in diet therapy to help with celiac disease, wheat allergies, or wheat digestion problems.
Izumo Farm delivers food products that can be eaten by people who have a gluten allergy or would like to cut back on gluten without any worries.
We would like to deliver delicious produce to as many people as possible. We value “making trustworthy, gluten-free produce.”

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Tokuji Toritamanosato

Tokuji Toritamanosato

We produce a variety of delicious eggs and associated products.

“Tokuji Toritamanosato” is our on-site, direct-sales store.
It has an eating space and offers fresh and delicious eggs as well as many “Toritamanosato” original products. Our specialty,
“tamagokakegohan” (raw egg mixed with white rice) can be eaten with our original soy sauce.

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Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Profile

Head Office

Company Name
Izumo Farm Co., Ltd.
940 Hori, Tokuji, Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi 747-0231
The production, processing, sales of hen eggs, and sales of fermented organic fertilizer
April 2012
8 million yen
Tetsuya Nakao
1.3 billion yen (September 2017)
Number of Employees
Accommodation for growing hens: 5 buildings accommodating 80,000 hens
Accommodation for grown hens: 24 two-housing complex buildings accommodating 440,000 hens
GP Center: 40,000 eggs package line made by Nabel Co., Ltd. Ensuring spotted, cracked, or abnormal eggs are detected
Production Capacity
580 tons of colored eggs per month
An integrated production farm, from rearing chicks, raising hens, to collecting and selling eggs
Stable production of 20,000 hens x 16 batches, 15,000 hens x 8 batches, on a 28 days cycle
100% in-house production by GP
Main Clients
Gold Egg Corporation, ja.z-tamago. Co., Ltd., etc.
Bank Accounts
Yamaguchi Bank, Fukuoka Bank

Direct Shop

Tokuji Toritamanosato
1473-1 Hori, Tokuji, Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi 747-0231
10:00 am – 4:00 pm (last order at 3 pm)

Access Map

Privacy Policy

Our company handles customers’ personal information with respect and does its best to protect privacy.

Customers do not have to give their personal information, such as addresses or names in order to view our company website.

In case of online shopping, our company may ask for personal information in order to deliver the ordered products.
In such cases, necessary personal information will be required, but the company will not disclose this information without prior agreement.

However, the company may disclose customers’ personal information without agreement if it is requested by law or official organizations such as courts or police.

Our company assigns a supervisor for proper management of personal information to prevent the outflow of personal information.
The company also does its best to protect customers’ personal information from illegal access, loss, destruction, and defacement, by implementing adequate and rational privacy safety measures.




Izumo Farm Co., Ltd.

Office: 1473-1 Hori, Tokuji, Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi 747-0231

Telephone: 0835-52-0743

FAX: 0835-52-1832



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